Analysis of Snow Climatology

Living Snow Fence Case Studies, 2001


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This living snow fence design uses two 8-row strips of standing corn placed 150-ft apart. The corn rows are 2150-ft long and protect an S-shaped north-south section of TH 22 just north of Gaylord, MN in Sibley County.



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This twin-row planting of honeysuckle protects a 400-ft section of Highway 14 west of Lamberton, MN in Redwood County. The snow fence is located on the property of the University of Minnesota's Southwest Research and Outreach Center.


Mountain Lake

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A problem area along Highway 30 in Cottonwood County 10 miles west of Darfur is managed by a 2000-ft linear planting of honeysuckle. This living snow fence is set back 300-ft from the north side of the highway to capture blowing snow before it becomes a problem for travelers.